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Friday, December 10, 2010

#GI-Bill information for #troops returning home #SaluteTroops #xmnr

The history behind the GI Bill is quite interesting indeed.

(Can you say **stimulus package**?!?) Funny how history really does repeat itself. ;)

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GI Bill basic information

One of the popular benefits of serving in the Military is the benefit known as the GI Bill. 

The GI Bill is an education assistance program for the soldier, so that when he/she returns from serving his/her country, the opportunity for a college education is waiting. 

The idea behind the GI Bill when it was signed into law by Franklin D. Roosevelt was what would be known today as a "stimulus package".  Roosevelt didn't want to see soldiers returning home from war battling each other for jobs, with many winding up unemployed.

While anyone today would be clobbered for even mumbling the word "Stimulus Package", that remains what the GI Bill stands for.  It is not only a way to maintain an educated American workforce, it also is a way for the United States Government to say "Thanks for your service".  



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