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Monday, December 6, 2010

#Autistic boy and family settle lawsuit. Teacher and classmates voted him out of survivor but worse

This teacher is back in the classroom. What do YOU think? I think she should be working in a different profession. I don't think she should still be allowed to manage a classroom of children.

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Autistic Filorida boy, family accept settlement for being "voted out" of class

You may or may not remember this story from Florida.  Last year an autistic boy in Florida was "voted out" of class when the teacher and the boys' classmates found him to be too annoying.  What?  Yes, the teacher asked the class to vote as to whether they thought 5 year old Alex should be "allowed" to stay in their classroom. 

What does this teacher have to offer her students?  What she did to Alex is  inexcusable, and what it taught his classmates is NOT the lesson they should have learned.  This teacher should not be teaching anyone's children!



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