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Monday, December 6, 2010

American Space Program...outsourced to Europe? #science #gilbertnews #examiner

This is a sad story...kindof...The American Space program has been a shining accomplishment for a long time. But the American stranglehold on astronaut training is no longer the reality. Ok, it IS sad!

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Americans in space: education program for astronauts in Europe. New Trend?

A new class of astronauts graduated from the European Space Agency (ESA), a basic training program in Cologne, Germany. In the past, training for astronauts took place primarily in the United States or Russia.

Is this the beginning of the USA losing our prestige in the space industry?

While Americans have begun to recognize education in the United States is lagging behind other countries, the time it will take to "recover", if we are even able to do so, may bring some stunning realities.



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