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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#TSA screening for people with #disabilities. Hang on to your Hoo Hoo's! #gilbertnews

The TSA needs to get a grip on it's policies - not it's passengers. No one needs to see my Hoo Hoo's to ensure safety on a plane. Checks and balances, and for heavens' sake - check the damn "No Fly" list. The current "Hoo Hoo" checks are wrong. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

If I were to have a ticket to Florida, I would show my Hoo Hoo's to whom ever was required to see them, but I would be grumpy about it, and would like at least a card or flowers, or chocolates...something in return...

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Unfair TSA treatment: people with disability require additional screening

In a recent article "TSA: Pat-Downs A Must For Some With Disabilities", a newsletter sent by, people with a disability were given advance notice:  you may require additional screening.  Is this unfair treatment for a population with it's fair share of struggles when traveling? 

If anyone has metal screws, plates, limbs...maybe you have an iron lung or two...the scanner would not be an option for you.  That is just in case you wanted someone in a room somewhere else to see your Hoo Hoo's. 

**Do the service dogs have to have their Hoo Hoo's in the scanner?  I suppose as long as no one came toward my dog with a thermometer and a tube of Vaseline, she really wouldn't care.** 



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