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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#Education headline: University studies #LGBT and #Bullying #gilbertnews #xmnr

Anything that makes a kid different makes them attractive to kids who needs to pick on others to feel better about themselves. As the littlest kid in my class who wore bloomers under her dresses, and who was a chronic daydreamer, I can assure this is a fact. What can be done about it? That has been the subject of many, many studies. Will a magic answer ever appear from one of these studies? Stay tuned...

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Education Headline: University studies LGBT and bullying

It goes without saying, kids who are different get picked on.  The short kid, the distracted kid, the chubby kid - these kids know what bullying feels like. 

A University of Illinois at Chicago researcher has received a $730,000 grant from the Ford Foundation for a four-year study of adolescents' reasoning about bullying due to gender and sexuality, and about bullying as a means of social control.



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