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Thursday, December 16, 2010

#Blended families and #holiday breaks...Stress? oooh yeeaahh! #gilbertnews #xmnr #families

Parenting is hard. Being a stepparent is a different kind of "hard". Awkward visitations, strange holiday custody arrangements, ex-spouses...stress?!? What stress?!?

There is peace and cheer to be found. Sometimes adult beverages are involved, sometimes not...

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Blended families, holiday stress, and the flexability needed for peace and cheer

For many people, the holidays represent peace, family harmony, long standing traditions, and a fun-filled month.  It's supposed to be a Hallmark ad.  Except what if your family is a blended family, complete with children from prior marriages?  Are there Hallmark cards that include ex-spouses, part-time children, and sometimes awkward visitation?  Flexability is a MUST when building traditions around such strange activities.  


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