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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Info about treating birthmarks in #pediatric patients

We went down this route with my son Jacob, who has a port-wine birthmark on his arm. He wanted treatment when kids teased him because his arms "didn't match". Kids are soooo mean!!

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Dermatologists share information about childhood treatments for birthmarks

When children are born, the first thing parents do is check them over from head to toe.  During this head to toe inspection is when some birthmarks are first discovered. 

Vascular birthmarks, which occur in nearly 10 percent of all infants at birth or within the first few weeks of life, can cause concern for parents particularly if they are large or in a cosmetically important area.

The decision to treat a birthmark is one that parents should make with a dermatologist, who can determine the type of birthmark, whether or not it poses any potential risks in the future, and when childhood treatments for birthmarks is appropriate.

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