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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Are you nuts? NO, I'm not going to eat fish from the Gulf!

Lately I have been writing about the Gulf of Mexico, and the issues surrounding the BP oil spill, wildlife, and the organisations there to help both the people and creatures. 

Also in the mix has been the discussion of whether the Gulf of Mexico is going to produce fish, shrimp, and crabs that are edible. 

I suppose this is where I should confess that I don't eat fish.  I don't eat any kind of fishy creature, so I don't personally have to change any thing.  I don't have to 'give up' anything I find yummy, so that might make me more objective when I say there is not anything swimming in the Gulf of Mexico I would put in my mouth. 

I wonder about the people who after only a few days of the water being 'open' for fishing, can just disregard the facts scientists are uncovering.  The oil is still out there. 

Like everyone else, when the NOAA official announced that 75% of the oil is 'gone' via evaporation, surface burning, and skimming - the evaporation thing flew right by. 

It was only later when a scientist was being interviewed on CNN when he gave a kind of half laugh/half snort and said, " evaporate, there must be oxygen, so the oil couldn't have evaporated because it was not allowed to surface."


Because I can be objective about eating or not eating seafood due to the lack of a habit or a desire to eat this type of food.  I know some people find it yummy beyond compare and would really REALLY miss it.  This 'I miss it' feeling might sway someone to ignore the fact that it has indeed just been soaking in oil, and toxic dispersant not meant for consumption by any living creature. 

The government is sniffing the fish for you to make sure your food is safe.  Whaaaat?  THAT is how the EPA, and FDA are going to protect me?!?  Really?!? If you missed this story, read the article.  It is one of my personal faves.  ;)

Also on my radar is the question:  Where are the environmental health groups who are turning up research about the vast increase in the number of children with ADD, Autism, and other neurological diseases and the link to environmental factors (like, oh, I dunno....hydrocarbons and Corexit?!?)

WHY are we not hearing these people riot every time the government comes out to proclaim the food is yummy and safe and they know so because of the fish sniffers.  

This, I don't understand.  Ideas anyone?!? 

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