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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Have I become an old white guy...who likes TEA?!?

Someone needs to send help right away.

It would seem that I am currently agreeing with John McCain, Jon Kyl, and the tea partiers. This truly scares me more than I care to admit. Before you know it, I will be grousing about how big business executives need to take a well deserved high dollar vacation to help settle their frazzled nerves.

There is one little straw that I am grasping at to be THE difference. The way I plan to sleep tonight knowing that my opinions are aligning in such a fashion is this: motivation.

The old guys and most likely the tea drinkers are opposed to taxes because all the 'riff raff' has been cut from the budget. Some probably believe that education is still secretly flush with all kinds of cash-they will settle for the budget cuts that have already served their purpose. They are satisfied that very important things like salaries for senators, legislators, assistants, state owned vehicles, and the remodeling expenses have remained. After all, we DO live in America-the land of the free to redecorate offices and study extremely significant issues such as: the likes and dislikes of various inconsequential studies that will cost millions-and do nothing.

I, on the other hand, am protesting. The politicians in AZ who are FOR the tax, are threatening that should the tax not obtain voter approval, the bulk of the money they will need (60% of it) will come directly from K-12 education. Here is the catch. Knowing that the Obama Administration gave out stimulus money WITH the understanding AND agreement that funding could not be cut below where it was in '05 (I think)- AZ took the money. They have already cut funding to that level. Can they take 60% more? I think they are bluffing. I think that should they try-the federal government would block them. I think (I hope anyway) that the intended purpose of the stimulus money was to do just what it did. The states took the money-like a mouse takes cheese-now if they move from the budget they agreed to-they should be slammed (like the mouse).

I guess even just writing out WHY I agree with the shriveled up old men-makes me feel less like them already. ;)

If anyone sees me tottering down the street mumbling about chamomile...just shoo me back towards home.

(the reference to old people and tea was merely demonstrative of a point...and were in no way meant to offend old people, herbal beverages, or those who may or may not enjoy them.)


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