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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Autism Links to Vaccinations

Autism and the proposed link to MMR vaccines among others was a straw that many parents pinned their hopes on answering the 'WHY?' question. I found myself included in that group to a lesser degree. My children were/are vaccinated, but my son has a very mild form of autism-and has ALWAYS had it. From an infant-in hind sight of course-it was always there in very mild symptoms. So, it wasn't my 'WHY?' question that was being answered, but if it gave a reason for even some of the autism cases, that would have been success.

So, back to square one? hmmm... I'm still thinking that SOME kids COULD react to vaccinations. Is it a reason to gamble with the potential disease? It's a tough call that only the parent and the child's doctors should decide. I do believe a teeny bit in the conspiracy theory that when doctors make mistakes, they don't readily jump up to say 'I made a mistake'. My own PERSONAL experience is that doctors are 'wrong' ALOT, and are quick to diagnose-and even quicker to brush off doubts. The parent that pushes the envelope (me) can only get the doctor to say that a diagnosis is incorrect if that parent has already done enough research to actually BECOME a doctor themselves, and can point out every discrepency. MAYBE then, the doctor will tap dance around the possibility that the diagnosis is incorrect. Many have to be pushed to this admission, and EVEN then, most don't seem to feel the need to take responsibility because they 'acted in good faith'. GIMME A BREAK! The good faith thing should be a legitimate butt cover for doctors who try to save someone's life-or some other heroic measure-NOT a major misdiagnosis.

OK, that is my rant and rave about this topic...:)


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