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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Asian Youth

When I was in school and report time rolled around, every single teacher would tell the class that the topic of youth in Asia was off limits. Not having even an ounce of curiosity regarding the youth in another country, I simply wrote reports about other things. I can remember being remotely currious, but the short attention span always won out. The question of WHAT these crazy Asian kids were doing that caused them to be an off limits topic every year, was to go unanswered until I was in English 102 at Mesa Community College. I was sitting in class when the teacher instructed us to exchange papers with our neighbor, and offer editing tips. I traded with a guy who looked strange, and his paper was about a word I could not pronounce. It started with an EU... and it was.... OMG! It was YOUTH IN ASIA!! spelled differently. I had only read about a page when I began to realize that all my life I had wondered about the youth of a nation unneccesarily. I was, in fact, a knot head. I worked backward in my mind wondering how many people would have caught on to my unfortunate misunderstanding. I tried to remember any discussions that may have taken place, but seeing how I can't remember what I said YESTERDAY, it was unlikely that even if I had said something, I would not remember. I just had to hope that no one knew.

Today I heard the topic brought up again with the raging debate over the health reform issues. I think that there will be a few innocent folks who sat up and said to themselves 'well THAT is strange...why would the youth in Asia need to be included in our healthcare, and why is President Obama denouncing the idea of these youth in our insurance?!?'. I'm certain that at least a few people will spout off that they believe that youth in Asia should be covered...but only if they are American! I am so glad I went to college!



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