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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I agree with Sarah Palin... OMG... Did I really SAY THAT?!?

Yes, I believe that for the first (and probably LAST) I agree with her opinion regarding her stance on 'The Family Guy' cartoon show. I don't watch it (because it's dumb), but I saw the bit where they made fun of a kid who was a 'Down's kid', and the daughter of the ex-governor of Alaska. Here is my thought:

Pick on Sarah-she deserves it. I have a pretty poor memory, but I don't write on my hands. I don't believe that because I can drive to Mexico means I have international experience in foreign policy. I don't believe that because I believe in the powers of chocolate, means that everyone everywhere must share my infatuation with chocolate, and that you are WRONG if you don't worship chocolate, as all good people do. I have room in my mind to allow others their own opinions.

Pick on her eldest daughter who volunteered herself to be poster child of the abstinence programs. She clearly was 'letting the horses out of the barn' ALL of the horses, were ALL the way out. Those horses were so far out, infact, that they were in the next county...and...not getting back into the barn anytime soon. She can be picked on for the ridiculousness of that endorsement.

Pick on any other person who either deserves it, or can defend themselves-but hands off kids with special needs. It is inappropriate to make fun of this subset of people under any circumstances, anywhere, ever.

Never, ever, ever....


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