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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Whaling?!? REALLY!?! WHAT the HELL!?!

The other morning, I was listening to the Diane Rehm show. Diane Rehm talks a bit like a very VERY old Katherine Hepburn. She talks slowly with a 'old person wiggle' in it. I am constantly telling her to 'spit it out' because she dawdles while talking. AMAZING speech patterns for talk radio...the fact that I find her to be brilliant is painful irony.

ANYway...she was on vacation (a relief and disappointment rolled into one...) and her guest was talking about the fact that our government was discussing the option of lifting the ban on 'whaling'.  Link to the show segment about whaling

This makes me heartsick. I remember seeing videos on television of the whaling industry and what they did. It was horrific and I am so ashamed to be a part of a species that would consider going backwards into such barbaric and unintelligent behaviors.

Much the same way that while the gulf if being polluted, Obama is STILL maintaining that drilling is perfectly fine. I am beginning to feel a deep despise for this man that I supported. Even the worst of the republicans seemed to know better than to reopen practices such as whaling, and even Bush (both of them) considered protected regions of the ocean safe from oil exploration.  Again... The only thing that comes to mind is a GIANT question mark.

What the HELL is wrong with this guy?



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