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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I've been people watching...

I've been reading posts and comments from people tonight. I have been impressed with the depth of thought, and the extreme attention to detail people put into making their point. It is awesome. For me, this is better than people watching at the airport.

Better because:

a) I can be in my PJs

b) Don't have to worry about TSA wanting to back scatter, front scatter, xray, feel me up, pat me down, or stand barefooted in what must be the Mecca of all foot cooties both foreign and domestic!

With the health care bill squabbles, and the tax squabbles, partisan bickering, and overall unhappiness, I've grown uneasy with it all.

It feels like hatred is ratcheting up from everybody.

Republicans are steamed because they didn't have input. I get it-

Democrats aren't happy because how could they be? I think it is a damned if they do, damned if they don't situation. They are going to pass it whether they want to or not. NO one wants to go down in history as the one who held it up. Even if History would be kind to them in 100 years. In our 'gotta-have-it-RIGHT-NOW' mentality...who has a decade, or two...or ten(!) to have a positive public poll rating?!?

So decide?!?

Edmund Ross? Ring any bells? He was the lone vote that prevented Andrew Johnson from impeachment when it would have meant extreme disorganization for our young country. He died a shunned unpopular, man who did what he thought was right-even if no one agreed with him. History was much kinder to him in death-having the benefit of decades of hindsight-and can objectively say he probably saved our country with that 'no' vote.

Who is right? Who is wrong? There is SOOO much information, and MIS information-on BOTH sides, that I don't know how anyone can say for sure which is which.

I just know that I am ready to move on. I'm ready to not hear Dennis Kucinich complaining anymore...or Nancy Pelosi either-for that matter. I think she has been a very big turn off for conservative democrats. I, myself, came out from under the shield of 'Independent party protection' to register as a democrat during the last election season. With Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid in the front of the party-I went back to my 'Independent' status.

I don't want to hear Glen Beck whimpering, or even KNOW where Rush Limbaugh is going to move to if health care passes...I'm sick of everybody on both sides (and even the ones in between!!)

So...aren't we just glad to be moving on-one way or another?!?

I'm ready for a new juicy debate topic...or a trip out of the country (but NOT with Rush...)


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