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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Neener Neener

Neener Neener

Immature...I know...but it is the only thing I kept coming back to...a GIANT neener neener to Jan Brewer, and the AZ Legislature. I even did a neener neener dance...

heh heh... it would seem (hee hee) that under our new healthcare law (big smile on my face...with a nose crinkle) they wont letcha yank healthcare out from under the most vulnerable citizens (children).

Oooopsi daisies...

So, Jan Brewer has to write KidsCare back in to the budget and scratch something else out...or risk losing 7 billion dollars in federal medicare funds.

Can we not, as AZ residents-SEE the budget?!? I could help her decide what to cut. Wouldn't it be the intelligent thing to do? If she has nothing to hide, why not open it up to public debate. SHOW us why there is a need for the measures she has taken. Wouldn't that just make sense? IF there have been cuts to programs other than the poorest and weakest, what on earth is preventing her from showing us? I would support additional taxes if I SAW an honest, decent effort had been made...which they have yet to actually try (insofar as I can tell...)


In my fair city where the town budget is looking at a short-fall of 14 million...we are lighting $15,000 on fire and blowing it to smitherines on July 4th. I just wrote an article a few minutes ago. Really...they crack me up. They stated that Gilbert needed the celebration to reaffirm our patriatism, and that people would be disappointed.

They are going in the opposite direction than they should be. To be fair, Linda Abbott, Jenn Daniels and John Sentz did vote against it, and expressed their unhappiness at the idea of taxpayer funded celebrations. But the elders on the town council decided otherwise. These are the same fellas who are still enjoying the tax payer vehicle allowance on my dime...(I wrote an article about that too)

Alright...I feel better ;)

Now I've gotta brace for the comments from my conservative readers who won't appreciate my neener neener to Brewer peeps...wait...does she HAVE Brewer peeps?!?

Tracy Lynn Cook


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