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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nuclear power plant trouble in Japan

Most people are uncomfortable when the words "nuclear" and "meltdown" are used as a noun and a verb in the same sentence.

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Understand nuclear energy? News from Japan requires lessons in energy production

People may not understand exactly how nuclear energy works, some may not be able to master the pronunciation of the word "nuclear", but the majority of people on our planet do understand enough to become uncomfortable when they hear the words "nuclear" and "meltdown" used as a noun and a verb in the same sentence.

Instead of pretending a picture book version of "Nuclear Power Plants for Dummies" was not absolutely required reading before writing this article, I will tell you that if you visit the sites I have shared, you will at least be able to understand the gist of news reports that will be coming out of Japan over the next week or two.



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