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Friday, February 11, 2011

Yes they did!! Egyptian protesters successful in their peaceful revolution

Egyptian youth protesters have, by all news reports coming out of Egypt, been successful in their demands for a peaceful and meaningful revolution.

The protesters, as they have been called, are mostly young Egyptians who want democracy. They want stability in a government that includes them rather than dictates to them. They want that magical word...change.

Right now in Egypt, Egyptian President Mubarak has made an official statement of resignation handing over power to military forces.

The scene of the protest in Tahir Square has been compared to New York Times Square at New Years Eve. Euphoric celebration, along with concerns over the prospect of a military occupation that could install a new dictatorship.

Throughout the demonstrations in Egypt, US support has not been felt by the people of Egypt at the level many protesters felt was appropriate, which has induced an anti American attitude. At this very moment, however, none of that matters.

Jubilation on the streets of Egypt is the overwhelming news coming out of Egypt. The protesters are reveling in their accomplishments, enjoying their success. They seem to be aware of what they are facing, and the work ahead - but the news for right now is celebrating the moment...and what a moment it is.

They are an example to the world in how to stage a peaceful revolution.


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