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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#Gilbert #AZ parents upset over #taxcredit changes proposed in #Senate. Are Intl. field trips a neccessity?

Should tax credit donations to schools be used to fund international student travel over, say, pencils and paper?!? Sheesh!

When teachers no longer spend their own money on pencils and paper for their students, THEN let's discuss international travel!

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Upset AZ parents miss point - upset over field trips?

A recent artilce published in the Arizona Republic featured the viewpoint of Gilbert, AZ parents who are upset because student field trips may be curtailed. 

Might they miss the point of the tax credit donation program? 

These parents are upset at the prospect of Senate Bill 1263, which was introduced by state Sen. Rich Crandall, R-Mesa, would limit the amount of tax-credit donations that could be used for school trips to $800 per student for domestic trips and $1,600 for international trips.  

Another Gilbert parent who was involved in marching band and various other music programs when she was in high school, agrees that while music is important and deserving of funding, to express that traveling expenses are more important than truly basic education needs seems very short sighted.



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