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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#UCLA study accidenally discovers #hairgrowth treatment. #science #GilbertNews #xmnr

Kind of twisted... but here is a simple formula

In the UCLA lab, add scientists and mice. Mix well. To the mice, add chronic stress. Set them aside. Shortly, you should have stressed, nervous and balding mice. Then, add medicine to block stress, and set mice aside for three months. After three months, take out the mice and enjoy your newly furry mice, and enjoy!

Funny, but I can't help but wonder...what would make a mouse chronically nervous?

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Accidentally grown hair? Science study leads to hair growth treatment in mice

 What does science gain when mixing nervous, stressed mice in California with curious scientists?  This combination may have accidentally discovered a new solution for hair growth thanks to a study at UCLA.

One Gilbert mother wonders if this treatment would work for cosmetic types of treatments.  Her daughter has undergone several hair follicle transplants after a scalp injury that left a large scar.  The family sought treatment from the leading hair transplant doctor in Los Angeles, Dr. William Rassman at the New Hair Institute.  The surgery was covered by insurance, and the results have been excellent, but the treatment was not without discomfort, travel, time and expense.  It would be great if this treatment were also tried in mice that had unfortunate mishaps, to see if their little hair follicles could be encoraged to regrow.



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